About Us

Strand Import & Distributors has been in business for more than twenty-five years.

The company was launched by years of experience as an import and wholesale distributor of quality beachwear accessories. Our product line is one of variety, value and customization. From body boards and towels to chairs and umbrellas we cover a complete line of beach merchandise. We strive to keep our collection competitive for today’s market with a complete range of styles and designs.

We are on the leading edge of technology and fashion. We have built a reputation on thousands of satisfied customers as we continue to produce impressive new and innovative products year after year.

We also purchased a larger facility enabling us to increase our inventoried item base and shipping efficiency.

The company is dedicated to exceptional customer service with our expert staff standing ready to assist your needs. We exhibit at multiple trade shows throughout the U.S., with the presentation of our entire line. We appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business.

We hope you enjoy using this website as it’s our latest endeavor in development and expansion for the future.